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Modern unisex kids sweater - Love Each Otter - Momo and Sammy Clothing Co.


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Introducing the LOVE EACH OTTER design.   A modern, unisex super comfy fleece sweater hand printed with my original otter inspired, feel good messages.  Plus did you know OTTERS hold hands when they sleep? Adorable!!  

All items from the new "HIP AND HANDMADE" collection are printed by hand using non-toxic, water based ink.  Each one is slightly unique due to the handmade nature which makes it truly a one of a kind.  

Slight shrinkage may occur and some fading is normal due to the water based inks that are used in the silk screen printing process (which I personally love!).   This item is a high quality, American Apparel garment.  As per their instructions, item is not intended for sleepwear.   

This product is handmade in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada.   Thank-you for your support.   I hope you OTTERLY love your new product!