ODE TO AN OTTER – 10 OTTERLY COOL sea otter facts.

  1. It’s fur is the densest of any animal (nearly 1 million per sq in!)
  2. They're smart!  They use rocks as tools when feeding, one of the few mammals to do so.
  3. The population fell to under 2000 in 1910 due to extensive hunting.  
  4. Sea otters often hold hands while sleeping to keep from drifting apart.
  5. Sea otters eat sea urchins, crustaceans and some species of fish.
  6. They wrap themselves in kelp to keep from drifting out to sea.
  7. Sea otters rest together in groups call rafts.
  8. The largest raft ever seen contained over 2000 sea otters!
  9. Pups sleep on their mothers until they learn how to swim.
  10. Sea otters are among the most devoted mothers in the animal kingdom giving their pups near constant attention. It is a bond like NO OTTER.


Enjoy the pictures that have inspired the designs!