My Story

Momo and Sammy Clothing Cois a family run, locally owned business based in Nova Scotia, Canada.   My mission is simple - make modern, playful, feel good clothing that makes people smile.    How did the idea come about do you ask? OTTERLY BY ACCIDENT!

It started after the birth or my second DOTTER, Samantha. Looking for a way to capture those amazing memories that are all too easily forgotten, I set about writing them down as stories (like the fact that my first DOTTER Morgan came up with Sammy’s name – thankfully she didn’t say poop head)! Wanting to add a cartoon element, I asked my husband what his favourite animal was. The spark that started it all, he said sea otters!

So I sketched my ideas on paper and began working with a designer.   When the Momo and Sammy design was born I thought “THAT’S OTTERLY ADORABLE!”   And trust me, when you get started with otter puns, its OTTERLY impossible to stop! And so it began.

I have learnt so much since then.   From setting up a company, designing a website to self-teaching myself how to burn screens and hand print t-shirts.   It’s been SO rewarding to see people actually like and buy Momo and Sammy clothing!  

But most importantly it’s a labour of love. Always and inherently tied to my children, I want to create clothing with feel good messages that make people smile and someday, my kids proud.

I have big plans for Momo and Sammy including new designs, clothing for kids and adults and even a line of children’s books.   For all the latest, please follow Momo and Sammy on Facebook and Instagram.

Erica and Sammy