Modern Daddy-and-me Matching Shirts | Momo and Sammy Clothing Co.
Modern daddy-and-me matching shirts | Momo and Sammy Clothing Co.

One Cool Fotter / My Fotter Rocks- Matching Shirts

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Great for everyday wear or the perfect present, this matching set was created to playfully capture the special bond between dad and his kids.  Super soft, modern and comfy, these shirts are sure to become a favourite for both!

These high quality and durable tees are printed by hand using non-toxic, water based ink.    Some shrinkage may occur and slight fading is normal due to the inks used in the silk screen printing process (which gives it a cool vintage vibe).   

These shirts are hand printed in Nova Scotia, Canada.   Thank-you for your support and for supporting small businesses.   I hope you OTTERLY enjoy your playful, modern tees!